Tips To Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

14 Oct

An attractive, beautiful smile and straight teeth are the dream of every teenager, it can impact the overall quality of life and personality of individual one.  Braces are typically considered one of the best way to straighten teeth, not everyone likes the metallic look of traditional braces. Luckily, there are more options to straighten your teeth without getting braces fitted; it just depends on your specific dental needs.

Stop Sleeping On Your Stomach

The most cause of Crowding and inward overlapping of the teeth is regular inward pressure because of sleeping on your stomach.

Improve Your Nutrition to Straighten Teeth Naturally

Research done by Weston Price (“Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”) concludes that, in some cases, it’s possible to heal dental cavities and improve your smile by consuming nutrient-rich foods.

Stop Thumb-sucking and Other Oral Fixations

The bad habit of thumb sucking is especially prevalent in children. This habit of thumb sucking creates outward pressure that can lead to crooked teeth. But Teens and adults also part of creating unnecessary outward pressure on teeth by chewing on pens, blowing bubble gum, etc. Try to stop these bad habits such as these to prevent crooked teeth.

Choose a Retainer

Choose retainers can be fixed or removable, and they are made for the upper or lower arches of the mouth to brace and straighten teeth. Typically retainers are used to maintain the position of your teeth after treatment with braces or clear aligners; however, retainers are also used sometimes to correct minor misalignments for patients of all ages.

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