Dental Health Activities For Children

21 Jan

Do you want to teach your kids about how to improve their dental health! These fun dental health activities are the perfect thing to teach kids about how to take care of their teeth, prevent cavities, learn more about the dentist, and care for their oral health.

The dental health activities for children’s are the perfect teaching tool to help kids to learn to care about their teeth.

Stay away from cavities and painful dental problems! It’s time to increase awareness brushing, flossing, and caring for kids’ teeth fun and exciting.

Try to build a complete day or week’s amount of material based around the dental health theme.

Kids definitely will love the variety of activities, and you can use the links below to find dental and dentist related activities for nearly all kindergarten topics, including math, reading, spelling, and care for the body.

  • Do learning about several community helpers, including dentists, and practice counting skills too with these fun Community Helper Counting Puzzles.
  • Illuminate kids what flossing is and set up a demonstration with this hands-on Flossing Experiment. / Teaching Mama
  • Get some sensory fun with Dentist Play Dough! / Fantastic Fun and Learning
  • Tooth Counting Game is good to keep your learners engaged. / Toddler Approved
  • You can learn so much Dental Health Montessori Unit with your students. / Living Montessori Now
  • Use a teeth cartoon for some awesome learning and Tooth Brushing Practice! / Teach Preschool
  • Try to know what is good or bad for your teeth and make a Dental Health Tooth Collage. / Artsy Mama
  • Do fun coloring while learning more about your teeth with these Dental Health Coloring Pages. / B-Inspired Mama
  • Create a Giant Mouth Model (your kids will LOVE it) / Lessons from a Teacher
  • Visit Toronto Dentist along with your kids, to know what is dental clinic, how it looks.
  • Brows a lot of resources for a great Dental Health Unit Study. / Real Life at Home
  • Learn about proper brushing your teeth and the ABC’s too with this Tooth Brushing Alphabet Activity. / Growing Book by Book

Start today building good oral health habits with these fun activities and lesson plans for children of all ages!

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